Saturday, July 7, 2012

Homeschool: 5th Grade Curriculum

I've had several people ask what we curriculum we used last year. We didn't use a "boxed" curriculum. We used a lot of different things and supplemented pretty much EVERY subject with The Head of the Class, Netflix, found TONS of worksheets and ideas on Pinterest, and bought Scholastic PDFs during Dollar Days.

Anyway, here is a list of some of the books we used year round and still had here at home on the bookshelf for quick reference. We used tons of books from the library (around 10 a week) and I could never remember every single one of them unless I went through my lesson plans.

Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills Grade 5

You can our 5th Grade Reading Log, HERE

Language Arts
Write a Story: Open-ended Writing Activities for Children Grades 4-6 by Linda Polon.

Practice Pals Cursive Letters

 Zaner-Bloser Handwriting: Opens the Door to Communication

Inferencing: Using Context Clues to Infer Meaning

Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills Grade 5

Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills Grade 5

Hooked on Phonics Multiplication

Hooked on Phonics Divison

CyberChase (Netflix Instant)

and Khan Academy.

Understanding God's World A Beka Book Science Series

Science Around the Year by Janice VanCleave's

Beakman's World (Netflix Instant)

Social Studies
The Complete Book of United States History Grades 3-5

Liberty Kids (We watched on Netflix, but it isn't on instant at the moment.)

We used The Head of The Class and Nat Geo Kids: Countries.

The Arts
Come Look With Me Series & artist biographies from the library.

We created many art projects we found on Pinterest, attended Arts & Crafts classes at the County Extension Office, and visited local art exhibits as well.

For music we used The Head of the Class, listened to various types of music online, went to free concerts and jams, and did projects from Pinterest as well. 

Foreign Language
We used The Head of the Class for Spanish.

The Complete Book of Brain Teasers Grades 3-5

What your 5th Grader Needs to Know

If I think of more, I'll update :)

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