Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Food: Cherry Jam Recipe

Remember the cherries we picked for Mom yesterday? Now they are Jam. Sweet, yummy, jam! Eleven jars to be exact.
We ate it with our blueberry muffins and it was delicious!
Many thanks to my wonderful Momma who is so very sick {needs another kidney transplant} for making the jam. I took two jars home and left the rest for her and Dad.

Next time, I'm gonna make it for her! 

*Edited To Add* 

I spoke with Mom tonight and she explained to me how she made the Jam. I figured I'd pass that info on to you. 
  We picked the cherries for her from the tree in our yard, but you could buy them too.

First she washed the cherries. Then she put them in a pot/cooker with a little water and cooked them; pits and all. Once they cooked she put them in a strainer and used her hand to push on the cherries to remove the juice.

Have all your ingredients measured out before you start the jam making process. 

Take about four cups of the cherry juice and a pack of Jel Ease and bring it to a hard boil. Remove from heat, add five cups of sugar. You can add two teaspoons of lemon juice if you are using sweet cherries. Mom didn't use it. After adding in the sugar; bring the mixture to a hard boil again and boil for two minutes. Finally add to your jars. 

Here is a step by step photo tutorial from Pick Your Own.

I am sharing this tutorial at I'm No Chef's cooking challenge. This weeks theme is Cherry. Stop by and check out the other submissions.

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Melanie said...

That looks so good!!! I've never had cherry jelly. I need to make me some! Mmmmmmm