Monday, June 6, 2011

Denim and Homespun Rag Quilt Tutorial Part 6

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Part 6
Wow, guys and gals! We made it!!!
When I thought I had all the seams of my quilt snipped, I laid my quilt down on the floor in the living-room and went back over every seam again, one by one, to be sure I hadn't missed any.
I then threw the quilt in the washer. I set the washer to super load, heavy dirt, and cold water... simply because I hate to pay for hot water.
OMG! The strings. I knew it would be bad, and I needed to go to the laundry mat, but it just wasn't working out for me since the closest one is about 20 minutes away. Once the machine had spinned out the wash cycle I opened the lid and wiped the strings out of the machine. Then after the rinse cycle I had to do the same. There were handfuls of string. Take my advice... go to the laundry mat!
Now that the quilt was washed, there were 50 million strings covering every square inch of the quilt. I took it out on the porch and shook it about a thousand times over the edge to get the strings off. Seriously I shook it til I thought my arms would fall off. It did a fair job, so I tossed it in the dryer. I set the dryer on auto cotton and optimum dry. Every 5-10 minutes I would go in and clean out the lint trap. Tons and tons of lint and string. I'd day I got a good 6 handfuls out before the quilt was dry.
Once the quilt was dry, it still had strings on it. I took the quilt back onto the porch and shook it some more, then again, and again.
Finally I brought the quilt back into the house spread it out on the floor and cut the excess strings off of both sides.
Here is the finished quilt:

I put the quilt on my son's twin bed just to take a picture. I'll get a better picture once the sun isn't so bright.

My quilt is made of 8.5 inch squares. 10 down and 10 across. I made it to be used on the couch, but it is a little wide. I could have went 9 down and 9 across to make it fit perfectly, but it is still nice. *IF* you were going to make one for a twin size bed I would probably do 12 down and 12 across.

So, there you have it! Whatcha think?

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, have learned a few things, and will share the photos of your quilts with me.
Have a wonderful day, God Bless!
Alana Jo


Barbara said...

Looks like a fun project. Your directions and pictures are clear and the quilt looks great! I hope to make one sometime.

Lana Wilson said...

What a fantastic tutorial. The only thing is I would love for you to show me how to use my machine. ;)

Maureen said...

If I do a quilt using 4" squares, do I need to make them bigger to factor in a 1/4" seam allowance?

Loretta Stickel said...

What a great quilt. I have just started one. I was going to place the denim on one side homespun on the other, yours looks so good mixed I have changed my mind. Thanks for all the tips (has been very helpful)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great and detailed tutorial! It's very helpful!

Bunny said...

Dec 28, 2013. I have almost completed my denim & flannel rag quilt. I decided to do a binded edge rather than rag it. I am stumped on what kind to make. Any suggestions. I made this for my son-in-law and it's a "late" Christmas present now. Hope he likes me!!

Anonymous said...

my dear Alana Jo
I am from romania and I love to quilt.Your directions and pictures are clear and the your quilt is so pretty.Now,when I saw your tutorial I think I can be able to do such a beautiful denim quilt.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the easy to follow instructions. I made one with old denim jeans for the front and a flannel sheet cut in blocks for the back. My son wanted I even used the pockets. I am now working on my second, using old denim jeans, and old flannel pj's receiving blankets, and lumberjack shirts. Should turn out interesting.


Alana Jo said...

Congrats, Anna. I would love to see photos of how it turns out!