About Me

This is me, Alana Jo. Yay for self-portraits!
Here we have my wonderful hubby Michael and our youngest son Dalton.
And last but certainly not least my oldest son Bailey.

Hello there! Thanks so much for taking a moment to stop in learn a little about my family and myself.

I am a thirty-three year old Mom from Kentucky who has been happily married for fourteen years. Michael and I are blessed with two very unique and spirited little boys and an angel in Heaven.

I come from a large extended family who mean the world to me. If you follow my blog, you probably already know that. There are very few posts that I'm not mentioning something about one of them.

In our house, we also consider our pets our family. We have four dogs: a Lab, a Dachshund, a Scottish Terrior, a Woodstock Grizzly English Red Tick/English Blue Tick mix, two mixed breed cats, as well as an ornery goat or two (depended on the season) and some fish. We recently decided to step away from chickens and rabbits for a while.

I am currently a homeschooling SAHM, and I am beyond thankful that I can be here for my children. I am a college graduate with an Associates in Arts, Associates in Science, and I have my Medical Transcriptions Diploma. I worked for several years as a Certified Nurses Assistant at a local nursing home. However most recently I worked as a Direct Care Provider and Medical Coordinator Assistant with a SCL facility that provides an alternative to institutional care for individuals with mental retardation or developmental disabilities.

 As a child, I had the advantage of being raised on a farm. My parents always had several head of cattle, horses, pigs, goats and chickens.  They worked hard raising very large gardens to provide for us. Hoeing in the garden and canning or freezing the harvest was nothing new to me. Just another day around our house. Along with cutting, drying, and bailing hay; fattening and killing the hogs for meat, plucking chickens, gathering eggs, milking cows. Sadly, I didn't appreciate it. Embarrassed of it is a more accurate description. I just wanted to be like everyone else. I didn't want to spend my weekends in the hay field or garden. I wanted to lay in bed and watch TV. My parents never made me do physical labor, but they never left me home alone. So if they went to do chores, I went with them. I hated it. However, I do fondly remember horseback rides, hiding in the barn loft and sneaking a swim in the watering trough.  
 As an adult, I have come to appreciate all the aspects of country life. I truly can't fathom why I hated farm life so much. These days I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I can't claim that my husband and I homestead like my parents did, but we have fun.

I hope you will join me on my adventures out in this big world. I am thrilled to be sharing my photos, homeschooling successes and failures, recipes, and ramblings with you and can't wait to get to know you better! Feel free to add a link back to your blog if you decide to leave a comment.

God Bless!
{Alana Jo}