Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Food: Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Super Duper EASY and delicious. 

You'll need...

Chocolate Chips or Almond Bark
Paraffin Wax

All you have to do is drop your pretzels in the chocolate mix then remove with a fork. Be sure to let the excess drip back into the double boiler. Place on wax paper to dry.

If you've never used melted chocolate before, here is what you will need to do...

Melting the chocolate will require a double boiler or two cookers stacked on top of each other like I used in the photo below. Fill the bottom cooker about 1/2 full of water and sit the other on top. Turn your burner on medium-high. The water will need to be at a steady boil, but not enough to boil over. Make sure you keep enough water in the bottom cooker to touch the top one.

 Add your chocolate and paraffin wax into the top cooker and stir until it melts. There is no set ratio for the chocolate and wax. I usually use 1/2 a block of wax per bag of chocolates or package of Almond Bark. If it looks too thick, just add a little more wax. If it is too thin, add some more chocolate.

That's it! :)  Nothing to it!


P.S. (LOL!) Sorry for the poor quality photos. I was making the pretzels way after dark and my kitchen lighting is definitely not for photography. It didn't even occur to me in my candy making madness to set a custom white balance.

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