Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cheap Way to Raise Chickens: Chicken Coop Progress

Michael and I picked up a couple bags of pine shavings at Tractor Supply for $4.49 per bag. One bag was plenty enough. We just stuck the other bag in our storage building until we need it. I read somewhere that it is best to use white wood shavings and not hard woods. I think pine is a white wood. Right? I also read somewhere that cedar is toxic to chickens. We avoided it just in case. I put some chips in the nesting boxes and will add some hay on top tomorrow.

Look like enough in the floor?
Michael found a board we had here around the house. He used an ax to make knicks all around the board where he wanted it to break, then just stomped it. It snapped and was the right size. We just put in there under the nesting boxes to give the chicks a boost so they can get in there. Does it look about the right height?

Then the piece of wood that was left from thre break he nailed in the other corner for them to roost on. I hope they will like it. If not, we will cut a limb and use.
Tomorrow we will figure out how to add a window and screen. Also we will need a door out into a run. We will work on that and the run tomorrow as well.
Wish us luck!

The board we used was FREE. The wood chips were $4.49 + tax. Total OOP so far $4.49 + tax.


annie said...

where did you get the buckets? such a great idea, just bought 10 chicks and getting ideas for a coop

Anonymous said...

Those look like empty cat litter buckets to me, with the lids cut so it is open but the contents don't get pushed out.

Alana Jo said...

The buckets were icing buckets from our local grocery stores deli.

Anonymous said...

I like this we are going to do this I like the idea of easy cleaning too thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

You can also get those buckets at W-M in the bakery/deli section. The store here charges a dollar a piece for them. But most any grocery store with a bakery section, or even bakeries, will have the large buckets. Make sure to ask for the lids that come with them. Good luck.