Friday, May 27, 2011

Goats: Scratchin' my back

Meet our goats. They don't have names, or I'd introduce you. I really should have named them, like four years ago. I guess if I am gonna blog about them, I should name them.

The goats were here when we moved in. We moved into my brothers home because he married and moved in with his new wife. The goats belonged to him, there were seven of them at the time. A few have passed on, and he sold a few. We only have three roaming around now.  I couldn't get a decent shot of the black headed one.

They aren't very friendly, unless you are going to feed them. We've considered getting a couple babies so that we can raise them as pets rather than just weed-eaters. Before we do that, we need to figure out why the fence isn't working.  It was working fine last fall, but the winter done it in. Michael has patched and patched and patched, but still no luck getting it going. Looks like we will have to walk the entire pasture and see if there is something that has fallen on it up in the mountains or if it is just down.
We can't just leave the fence as is. These guys LOVE to eat my flowers, bushes, trees, and vines. So fixing the fence is the only option.

Do you have goats? Are they pets or are they weed-eaters? Any name suggestions for our three?

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