Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blogger is having comment issues..

If you have your blog set up like this with comments embedded below.. 
I can't reply even if I want.  I can choose google account..
it takes me here...
I put in my sign in name and it takes me back to here:
All is fine and well.. I put in the captiva hit post comment and it takes me back to here:
Then that process goes on about 20x until I finally give up and quit.

Now if your blog has the pop out window like this:
I can comment. The google account will work.
It also works when it changes to new page for the comment.

Also if your drop down menu has a place for name/url  like this:
I can put in my name and link at least and comment.

So if you have a blog that looks like this
and doesn't have the place for a name/url and aren't getting any comments.. that's why. Change your settings. I wanna comment!


rosie said...

Alana, we have found that if you un-tick the sign in box you are able to comment. Hope this makes sense, and I hope it works..

Alana Jo said...

Thanks, Ill give it a go.

CB said...

I was having those issues. It is really frustrating. I thought it was just me. :)

Anonymous said...

Blogger has been having issues for about a month now and it affects each of us differently. On some blogs no one is able to comment. some days comments and followers disappeared. Usually these things happen on a day or at most two. This is the longest and strangest outtage ever.

Alana Jo said...

Yeah I couldn't see followers for a long time, but they are back. But when I try to follow a blog on here it says I am already following 300 blogs. Ugh. I hand add them into my google reader.