Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cheap Way to Raise Chickens: Building a Door

This afternoon Michael and I worked on the coop a little. Michael put in a door that I could open to let the chicks out into the run or shut to keep them in the coop and keep others out.

He use the board he had cut out to make an opening  for the door.

Here u can see it held open.
To hold the door in place he used very stiff fencing wire that we already had. He twisted it around a nail.
and bent the end up to make a hook that I could attach to a hole in the lock. It works pretty good.
For the hinge he used an old piece of belt line that we had laying around. This works, but not as well as I would like. I think the belt line was just a litte too old. Its pretty stiff. We will use it though, because it was free.
The latch we already had as well so that was free too. We really need to change out the board for another because there is a small gap at the bottom where it was cut unevenly and there is a small gap. I'm sure we have one the right size around here.. somewhere. This will do for now.

Total cost for the door.. $0.00.

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