Friday, June 3, 2011

Cheap Way to Raise Chickens: More FREE Chicks!

Michael, the boys and I went by Mel's house today for just a sec this afternoon and without even getting out of the car we left with two new chicks. Her family is so kind. Thanks Harold {Mel's Dad}. The boys LOVE them. They are 3 weeks old.
Bailey and Cluckey.
Dalton and Crowbar.
Their personalities are so different. Cluckey is cool, calm, collected. Crowbar is a wild one. However we think Cluckey is a Sussex and Crowbar is a Game chicken. Mel said Crowbar may be a Rooster too.  I hope not. Apparently Game Roosters can be mean. We are hoping Crowbar is a Female.

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rosie said...

There is something about little chickens isn't there.. So good for kids to rear.. So hope they enjoy them..

Peggy said...

I love baby chicks! Collecting them is so addicting!

Alana Jo said...

Thanks for the comments.

We love babies too. The kids are absolutely having a blast.

Teresa said...

They are so cute! Hope they are girls and nice ones.

Alana Jo said...

Thanks Teresa. Cluckey has passed on, but Crowbar is hanging in there.