Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cheap Way to Raise Chickens: New Home!

We put the chicks into their new home around 5pm this afternoon. Michael, Mom, Dad, the boys and I sat outside until 9:30pm making sure everything went smoothly for them. We had a nice time talking about Dad's adventures with chickens as a child. Dad seemed to approve of the run, so I think it is going to work out fine.

 If you look closely at the pics you can see little yellow things at the bottom of the run. Michael used tent stakes to hold the wire down.  It really worked out. There were only two weak spots when he finished. We used bricks to hold those down until we get a few more stakes tomorrow.  He used twelve today.

Foghorn checking out his new run.
Gertie came to see what all the commotion was about.
Then Blackie joined the fun.
The kids were so excited to see the chicks exploring. Bailey was pretending to throw a stick at the dogs for sniffing the chicks and D was screaming No!!! They are so comical. {He didn't really throw it}.
Gertie came down to my chair to say Hello.
Blackie and Slinkie aren't the best of friends. Slinkie gets along with the other goats, but I suppose her and Blackie are too much alike. They both try to rule the roost. They were about to go round-n-round. Sophie stepped in and showed Blackie that she couldn't mess with her best pal. One bark and Blackie took off like a streak.
I guess they decided they didn't like Sophie being so bossy, they left.
Sampson came out to check out the new chick house. See him hanging out under the chair? Surprisingly he didn't try to get in there. He has been pretty calm around the chicks, but I'd say if he could get his paws on them they'd be gone.
I glanced down the drive and I caught Bailey throwing dirt into the air. Boys will be boys I suppose. Of course, being the mean Mommy I am, I told him to stop and I made him wash his hair twice tonight. He wasn't happy with me, but I bet he wouldn't like grit on his pillow tonight either.
Ah.. the joys of being a Mom!

Michael purchased two packs of tent stakes that had six in a pack at Walmart for $2.88 a pack. So holding the wire down will cost us less than $10 once we purchase another pack.

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