Friday, July 8, 2011

Family: He Washes Dishes

Raise 'em right!
Bailey needed $2.00 to add to his money that he had saved up for fireworks. Even though $2.00 isn't a lot I'd already given him enough money this week and I wasn't giving him any extra to waste. Yes, to me spending money on fireworks is a waste. We can watch them at the local show for free. Michael suggests that he barter with me. Says maybe I'll let him do dishes or chores around the house in exchange for the money. I say "OK, how many times washing dishes do you think $2.00 is worth?" He thinks for a few minutes and says "Oh... maybe $0.25 each time?" I said "DEAL!!!!" So he thinks he has to wash dishes 8 times this week. He is down two, and I'll probably let him off the hook now. Though he has no idea he is done. Michael told him he really needs to work on his bartering skills!
I think he will make someone a great hubby someday! 

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