Friday, July 22, 2011

Family: Mini Vacation, Splash Park, Birthday and More!

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have been MIA for a while. Life has been CRAZY! 

Michael was off from work for 5 days and we spent most of that time working on projects around our house. We had a lot of things we needed to get done, and we did manage to get most of them accomplished. Thank goodness!

School is starting back for the boys around the first of August so we had to fit some school shopping in as well. That was an all day event. Finding jeans for Bailey is a major issue. Thankfully we were able to find 10 Husky in Levi Strauss at JCPenney. We still need to get their shoes, undies and socks. Then I think we are done!

On Monday we took the boys to SomerSplash. Michael's brother Scott and family went with us. We had an absolute blast. If you've never been, stop by there sometime. You won't regret it. I guess we stayed over 6 hours. We all ended up with sunburn though. Ouch. We used sunblock that was SPF 45 every hour in thick coats, but still ended up with too much sun. We are all OK now though.

Bailey on the way home from the splash park.
We hadn't been on the road a little over 5 minutes, I turned around and saw him like this.
This is strange because Bailey NEVER naps. He was so exhausted.

Dalton on the other hand... is a napper.. he was OUT in a matter of minutes as well. He fell asleep eating. He had a chicken nugget in his mouth. I had to wake him up and make him swallow it.

Dalton turned 6 years old this week. We had burgers and dogs on the grill, ice cold watermelon, green beans from Moms garden, cake, and ice cream to celebrate with Mom and Dad. Since Bais bday is in August we usually have them a big party somewhere in the middle of their birthdays.

My niece Deidra's birthday was yesterday and it is her and her hubby's 2nd wedding anniversary today. She came up last night and we worked on a cake for her hubby. She planned to make it a two tier cake, but she didn't know she would need 3-4 boxes of cake mix. She only bought two so we only made it a tier. It turned out pretty decent for a cake made by novice cake makers.
If you would like to make a designer-type cake for yourself.. check out my SIL Melanie's blog.... THE CAKE CLASS. She shows you how to do everything.

So, anyway... I'm back and hopefully I'll be posting more. Ignore the picture quality. They are all cell phone photos.

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