Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A tomato of my own!

Late in the afternoon around the beginning of August I went out to water my tomato plants and lo and behold I had a tomato hanging on the vine. I about jumped up and down. Of course, I ran in the house, grabbed my camera, and snapped a picture. It was about the size of a quarter when I took the photo below.
Now I have 7 tomatoes on the vine and the one picture above is about the size of a baseball. I can't wait to eat those suckers. Yum!

My strawberries didn't do bad this year either. I planted a single plant last year and I bet this year I had 5 plants come back and then about 15 runners so far. I have picked around 30 strawberries. Granted they aren't huge berries, but they were there and the boys have loved every minute of it.

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