Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a BLIZZARD out there!

This was the view from my front porch yesterday afternoon around 3 pm.

When it started to snow, Michael and I knew we needed to head outside and make sure the dogs, goats, and chickens were all feed, warm, and protected from the weather. It had just begun to snow, but the minute we walked out the door Mother Nature went nuts. The wind was whipping every which way and snow was coming down so fast you couldn't see.  We finished everything we needed to do, but by the time I came inside, I was a froze. The temp dropped fast. 

The tv was lit up with wrecks everywhere. Snow and ice in the mountains is bad, but when it came on like it did yesterday, it made for very bad travel. I am thankful that this winter has been mild so far and we don't have to travel in it as much as we did last year. Last winter it snowed almost everyday.

I expected to wake up this morning to a foot of snow, but we only had about an inch. It must have just skipped us. Our neighbors about five minutes down the road had nine inches and my sister had seven inches. 

This was our first real snow fall of the season and the kids are super excited. I guess I better get them bundled up so they can go out and play.

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