Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scrappy Strip Patchwork Quilt Block Tutorial

To use up some of her scraps, my Sister-In-Law, Melanie decided to make a Scrappy Strip Patchwork quilt. She took pictures of a block she made to share with all of us in case we would like to make one too! Thanks Melanie. This is one I can definitely do!

For this quilt block Melanie used 2 inch strips of scrap fabric left over from previous projects. She chose to use solids and prints. You can use whatever you choose.

For your strips of fabric you have two choices. You can tear or cut your fabric. To tear, just use the scissors to cut a tiny snip and rip from one end to the other. No worries, It will tear straight.

You can make your strips of fabric any width you wish. If you are using scraps your lengths will vary.
First, you will sew your strips together alternating solids and prints. Melanie used four solids and four prints. You can use as many as you would like, just make sure to use equal amounts of each.
Once you have your strips sewn together, square up the edge.
Now it is time to cut your strips that you have sewn together lengthwise into strips. Since the width of the original strip was two inches, Melanie cut every 2 inches to make a square. If you made your strips larger, cut the same width to make a square block.
Keep repeating this process until you have a nice size pile of strips that will result in a random pattern.
In order to alternate your colors, lay your strips out in a row.
Then flip every other one to the opposite end. You should have solid, print, solid, print, solid, print, etc. Just make sure you don't have two prints or two solids side by side.
Sew the strips together in twos.
Finally, sew them together to get your block. Square it up, and there you go. 
Just keep repeating the process to get as many blocks as you will need for your quilt or until you run out of scraps.

Here is a quick size reference for you:
Twin size is 63" x 87"
Full is 78" x 87"
Queen is 84" x 92"
and King is 100" x 92"

Good luck and thanks Mel for showing us this quick and easy quilt block.

I am sharing this at Homestead Barn Hop.


Jacinda @ Growing Home said...

Sewing a quilt using this method looks so much easier than the way I made my patchwork!

Excited to discover your blog through the Barn Hop!

Kelly said...

Wow love this

Mrs. Trixi said...

I am new to quilting but I really like this and it looks like something I can do.