Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow and No Electricity

Yesterday, around noon, the snow starts to fly. We really weren't expecting it to do much as it was suppose to start at 7am and nothing til noon. By 5pm, the electric was out and the view from my front porch was this...
We had to spend the night at Moms, and since we had trees down in the drive, we had to walk. One fell about 30 seconds to a minute tops after we walked under it. Talk about scary. This is looking back toward the goat barn.
Walking around the mountain to get back to the 4-wheeler. Scary, but beautiful. I about ran the whole way.
This was the view from Mom's porch this morning.
and another from her porch looking up the hill to our house.
We stayed more than toasty warm, were able to cook, and dry the kids clothes they played in the snow in, thanks to this baby.
After the power finally came back on, Mom made homemade biscuits.. along with pork chops, scrambled eggs, and gravy. Don't they look heavenly? Believe me.. they are. I'll have to show you how she makes them sometime. It is unreal. She makes them right in her huge flour bowl and manages not to ruin all the flour in the bowl. She said that is just the "old time way".

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Sadie said...

Very pretty snow pictures! Yummy looking biscuits too!

Brittany said...

All that snow looks amazing! Down here in south Georgia we rarely ever get snow and then it is just a little bit. Of course, I know that much snow has it's disadvantages also. I love the seen with the woodstove.. looks so cozy after looking at all that snow and imagining how cold it must be.

Alana Jo said...

Sadie- The biscuits were very yummy.

Brittany- It was pretty cold, but the wood stove kept us toasty. I'm so thankful my parents are always prepared or we would have had to use a kerosene heater here at our house and I really am not fond of those things.