Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chickens: A few recent pics of Foghorn

Isn't he regal? He always looks like he is trying to tell me something. Probably just to get the camera out of his face.
"Whatcha looking at?"
This one looks like he is trying real hard to figure out what the camera is...
and here he is doing what he does best! Being a Fog-Horn!
I took a few of the girls too but they didn't turn out as good. They are more skiddish than he is. He doesn't care one single bit to stare you down.

I'm sharing this post with Deborah Jean's Farm Girl Friday Blog Hop


Heidi said...

He's a real beauty. I just love the gabbing and singing roosters do. Great images. Thanks for sharing Foghorn on Farmgirl Friday.

Alana Jo said...

You are very welcome!

Alana Jo said...
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