Saturday, July 14, 2012

Homeschool: Our Supplies

We have a small house, so no separate room for schooling. We just use the living room couch, picnic table outside, or kitchen table. Our computer desk is in the living room and we have a laptop as well to use anywhere we need it. My oldest son has a large desk and white board in his room, but he rarely uses it for anything.

This shelf holds our school books and supplies. This photo was taken after I spent two days organizing and sorting through what was left from last year that we no longer needed. All "free read" books were moved to bookshelves in the boys rooms. That cleared up so much space. It looks very neat and organized now instead of an accident waiting to happen. Organization is going to be key this year as we plan to homeschool our youngest son as well this time. 

Care to share photos of your classroom or supplies?

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