Friday, March 21, 2014

Welcome, Bill!

We've had tragedy here at the roost as coyotes have been reintroduced into our area. Brownie and Floppy were inside an electric fence, and we'd never had any issues with coyotes before, so we weren't locking them in the barn at night. Sadly, Floppy lost her life and Brownie has been alone most of the winter.

Since it is getting to be THAT time of year, we were graciously loaned Bill until he is needed elsewhere. He is a brute, but fortunately, like Brownie, he will lead like a dog. He was quite skittish at first, but has settled down some.

Isn't he gorgeous?! He doesn't smell as good as he looks, trust me on that one. 

After a week or so, he and Brownie have become good friends. Well, unless it is feed time.

And with any luck, Brownie will have some little ones trotting around late this fall.

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