Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Food: How to Freeze Peaches

If your family is anything like our family, then you LOVE peach cobbler. Doesn't everyone?!
Here is my Peach Cobbler recipe, in case you need that too. 

Now, back to the topic... to make peach cobbler, you need peaches. There are a couple ways to store your peaches through the winter. You can either can them or freeze them. I have a tutorial in the making for canning, but for now, here is how to freeze them. 

Pick yourself some peaches.

It is always a good idea to wash anything that you are going to eat. But after that, you will want to peel your peaches and slice them into chunks. Toss the seeds or save them to plant yourself some trees. 
Now that you have as many peaches as you need chunked up, mix them with sugar. Mom's pressure canner that we had the peaches in will can 7 quart jars at a time. I believe it is a 23 quart pressure canner. We had it heaping full, but moved some over into a bowl on the side. We mixed a 5 lb bag of sugar into all those peaches. Just mix it good and let it set a few minutes. Maybe 5-10 minutes. Once all those juices are mixing with the sugar it will look something like this.
Get yourself some freezer bags, some sort of dipper, and a funnel. We use quart size bags. Turn the top edge of your bag over so it sort of forms a lip. This will keep your bag from getting super sticky on the outside as you fill them up. Use the lip to hold the bag up and put a funnel into the bag. Fill. 
Flip the edge back up, zip the bag, write your contents and the date, and freeze! 
Easy Peasy! Enjoy! 

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