Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cheap Way to Raise Chickens: Homemade Chicken Watering Fountain and Feeder Tutorial

After looking online for a cheap way to make a waterer for the chickens, I found a tutorial on how to make a waterer out of a bucket. The cost was less than $4 and I did not want to spend that $4. So Michael and I got to brainstorming again. We figured out a way to do it for free.

First take your bucket and drill a small hole on either side of the bucket right under the lip of the lid. Fill the bucket with water and put on the lid. Flip it over and there you go. This is where the $4 came in on the other tutorial. The lady had purchased a base to a planter to use to catch the water in.

I wanted to avoid spending any money if I could. Michael and I cut off the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket to use as our base. Just be sure your bucket holding the water is small enough to fit inside. It worked perfectly.
Here you can see how he done it.  Take a ruler if you want to be exact and mark off the correct height all the way around the bucket. He just used his knife to make a line.
Then cut!
and cut some more. This was pretty difficult to do, but if you are strong or have a strong man at home, you can do it. Just be careful not to cut yourself.
Now on to the feeder. Cut a one inch square out of the bottom of the bucket. Repeat 4 times around the sides. Pretty much North, South, East, West.
Flip it over inside of the bast fill with feed and there ya go.
Easy enough, huh?  At Tractor Supply a waterer about this size is $27.99 and a feeder is $14.99. Total spent $0.00. Michael got all the buckets gave to him for FREE at work. Total saved $43!

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