Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cheap Way to Raise Chickens: Homemade Nesting Boxes Tutorial

After I figure out what I was going to use for a coop, how to make a waterer and a feeder, I decided I better get started on some nesting boxes.

Like I said before, I really don't want to spend any money if I don't have to, so it was off to search on Google. I found this video about nesting boxes and thought there has to be a way to make one one my own. After searching for a while, I found this video. Ok, I can do that.

Michael was able to get a couple buckets at work, and will get a couple more when they have them. You can probably get them for FREE too. Just stop by any deli and ask.  This is what they looked like to begin with.
Here is the first one finished.
Draw a line across the lid with your  knife or a pencil.
Now cut straight across.
Then cut around the sides on the inside of the lid.
And the top.
Now you just pop out that piece of plastic and tada! A nesting box. You have a lip on there to hold the eggs in, an opening big enough for the chicken to climb in, they are waterproof, and the lid still snaps on and off for easy cleaning.
At Tractor Supply a simple metal nesting box without a top is $19.99. I needed four. My nesting boxes costed me nothing. Totally FREE. So I saved a total of  $79.96 and that doesn't include tax or shipping. Pretty great!  If you decided to make some, please share your results.

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