Saturday, June 11, 2011

Family: Busy Couple of Days

Life has been crazy for Michael, the boys, and I the last couple of days. I've barely had time to even sit down at the computer. That's just life for us though when the boys are on Summer break from school and Michael has a mini-vacation.

Thursday Bai had camp all day, then later that afternoon they had a block party at the ranch. The kids had a blast. Lots of games, activities, food, and good clean God lovin' fun.
I took tons of pics, but I'm just gonna share a few that don't have other people in them.

Dalton was showing me his smiley face he had painted on his hand.
Later he made a salvation bracelet.
I tried to get a pic of them together, but Bai wouldn't pay attention and D was whinin' that Bai was messing up his hair.
Bai got at scouter {whatever that is} painted on his face. It is from DragonBallZ or something like that.
Before the night was over they drew names and gave away two bikes. A boys and a girls. Bailey won the boys! He was so excited. Here he is letting D ride it. Of course we ended up having to go buy D a new bike too! I don't have a pic of it yet though.
Here Bai is showing off his new bike!
... and just because... Michael and I. He looks a little grouchy but he said he was trying to concentrate on taking the picture.
Then yesterday, we had a yard sale with my sister. It was  HOT out there. Well over 100. We had a tent thing to give us shade and lots of cool water, but I still about got too hot while helping Mis load up her stuff. I didn't have much to sale because I take a bag of stuff to Goodwill every time we are down that way. But I still made over $50. Mis made almost $300!!! She had two truckloads of stuff when she came and left with less than one. I'm just happy we made enough to pay for D's new bike.

Well.. Michael is calling.. we are leaving to visit the ILs.

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