Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Family: Finished Laundry and a trip to Mom and Dad's

Yesterday after I took Bai to camp, Dalton and I hung out at the house all day.  He cleaned his room and I worked on cleaning up the house and doing laundry. I about fell over when my laundry baskets and hampers finally looked like this.
This very rarely happens. It didn't last long, just a couple hours, but it felt good while it lasted.

After I picked Bai back up from camp, and Michael gave the boys haircuts, we went down to see my Mom and Dad for a while. My brother was tilling the ground for Dad's garden. Dad isn't able to do physical labor right now. He had a heart-cath done last Tues and then had stints put in  his heart today {Everything went smoothly and he is doing fine BTW}.  However, I did see Dad with a weed eater in hand, then later he was packing around a hoe. If Mom had caught him, she would have skinned his hide. 
Today while he was at the hospital, my sister showed Dad this photo I took of him yesterday. He told her to let me know that my camera was broken. He said there was no way he is that grey and that ugly. LOL! Oh, Daddy, your handsome!

While we were at the garden, which is right beside the barn, the boys had a blast playing in the loft.
Here Dalty is trying to climb down the ladder on the side of the barn rather than going down the stairs. Little Monkey!
Here he is playing with his new 'do.
Bailey wouldn't look at the camera at all and D was threatening to jump out of the loft onto me. By that point his hair looked like a rooster or something.
Some of Daddy's goats came down from the mountain to see what we were doing.
The evening sun was shining on the weeds. It was so pretty.
As we were leaving, I saw this clover still in the end of a roll of wire we had moved earlier. I had to snap a pic.
 It was nice to spend some quality time with the family before Daddy had his surgery today. Once we made it home the boys enjoyed some more cherry jelly on a muffin for a snack and I planted some marigolds that Mom sent me home with. Then it was time to lock up the chicks, shower, and hit the hay.

A great day overall!

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