Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Family: Thank You, God! Rain!

It has been hot and humid this week. It was so hot today, I know it had to be close to 100 degrees out there. As a result, I haven't felt up to going outside and doing anything. It seems as if you can't even take a breath. Muggy, I guess would describe it.

 My sinuses and allergies are in full swing and the heat just isn't helping, at all. My head has felt like it is gonna blow off my shoulders all day. 

After I picked Bai up from camp, we went by to check on Dad. I am so thankful that he his home and doing well. He said he is weak and a little dizzy, but not in any pain, which is fantastic. He left his glasses and a few dollars at the hospital on accident. I'd say he will never see the money again, thankfully it wasn't much. My sister was able to finally get someone to agree to mail him his glasses. It is just too long of a drive to go back over there after them.

When the boys and I came home from Mom and Dad's house, our lab Peaches jumped in the Jeeps floor-board and would not come out. I had to drag her out. I figured it was going to storm. She hates them, but it wasn't cloudy or anything like that. When I unlocked the door and we came in, she came running into the house. She knows she isn't allowed in here. She sheds way too much. I could not get her back out. She is around 75 lbs of pure muscle. She was spot on though, about ten minutes into her home invasion, it started pouring the rain. It was coming down in sheets, but the sun was still shining. I looked around for a rainbow, but didn't see one. I'd say it was out there somewhere though. The mountains block my view in every direction.
Michael made it home from work about an hour after the lab home invasion. He was able to pick her up and pack her out. Stubborn girl. The rain has slacked off, but the air is much cooler. Thank you, God! 

Perfect weather for a nap!
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Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Lucky you! We haven't had rain in about two weeks and it's incredibly hot. About 10-15 degrees hotter than it normally is this time of year.

My Golden doesn't like storms either and gets all crazy about 30 min before one hits.

Alana Jo said...

It had been close to two weeks for us too.

I guess they can just sense it. I know one thing, you can't budge them when they have made up their mind to do something.