Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family: Silly Boys and Busy Bees!

Michael and I have been busy bees today. We worked on the wire on the Crowbars cage, cleaned the house, done laundry and dishes.  Then we took the boys out to ride at the church parking lot. They took their motorcycles as well as their bikes. Dalton's new bike is a 20 inch and honestly I had doubts he would be able to ride it, even with training wheels. He is so small, and it is pretty heavy. He surprised me and done great today riding it.

After they were tired of riding, we walked down to the river and skipped some rocks. I snapped a couple pics of the boys, being boys. D had a silk belt tied around his head... he said he was Ginag Hagane from Bayblade. His poor mohawk was flat from wearing his motorcycle helmet, but he was still adorable. Don'tcha think?
Bailey decided he wanted to throw sticks into the water, so he did. He is Bai. My Bai. I wouldn't have him any other way! Although, I am sad to see how grown up he looks in this picture. He is still that little baby boy in my mind. Doesn't seem possible that he is almost 10!
After we loaded up and came home, we walked up the hill to an my Grandparents old house. It is falling down; no one has lived there in many many years. My uncle use to keep cows, goats, and sheep under it. We went up there to get some old dried up manure, but the weeds were over our heads. We ended up going out to our goat barn and getting two five gallon buckets worth that had been sitting for a couple years.

Then we went down to Moms after that and picked up some tomato plants Dad had for us. There were three yellow tomato plants and a purple one. I'm not sure of the exact names.

When we FINALLY made it home we planted the tomatoes, watered the flowers and strawberries, and put the chickens up.  Now it is time to relax and enjoy Michael's last afternoon of vacation.

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