Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family: My Men

Meet the hubs, Michael. Isn't he handsome? I think so!
I tried to catch another rare smile... but almost only counts in horseshoes.
He keeps me laughing and that is never a bad thing.
My oldest son, Bailey, trying to be Evel Kenivel...
resulted in a time out.
and a lot of "But MOM!"
Then we have my little one, Dalton.
I still think he is too young for that thing...
but he does great!
I am so blessed!

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Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Looks like fun!! What great photos :) And Handsome Mens too

Alana Jo said...

Thank you! It was fun. They had a blast and went back today to ride some more.

Stasha said...

Like father, like son. How neat!