Friday, December 30, 2011

Chickens: Goodbye Crowbar!

A few weeks ago Michael and I had to make a decision about Crowbar. He just didn't get along with the our other rooster Foghorn or the girls. He has been in a large goat taxi off to himself. Now that he has grown so much, I really didn't feel that was fair to him to be in there. He needed to be able to run like the others can in their coop.

After much debate, Michael and I finally decided to just turn him loose and let him run around. We have acres around us that he could roam on. However once he was free, he would not roam anywhere but on my porch. After about 3 days of cleaning poop off of the porch non-stop, I couldn't take it anymore. It brought me to tears to even think about getting rid of him, but I just couldn't afford to build another coop right now with the holidays coming up and honestly eating him just was not an option. We love him too much.

I spoke with my Sister-in-Law about the dilemma she said we were welcome to bring him down to her house. She has many chickens, ducks, and guineas running around and lots of room for them. He would have friends, but wouldn't have to be in a confined area with them, and I knew he would be taken care of.  It was the best option we had.

Michael and I attempted to catch him during the day and he just was not having it. He is a wild one. He'd walk up to us but as soon as one of us leaned down he would take off like a streak of lightening. We decided to wait until dark and sneak up on him. It was really easy to catch him in the dark. We caged him, and the next morning we took him to Mel's.Of course, I was teary eyed and heartbroken, but I knew it was the best thing for him.

Crowbar has been gone for about three weeks now, and I ask Melanie about him often. He is doing well and I am very happy about that. Thanks Melanie for taking him in.

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Teresa said...

Those roosters can be such a problem when they can't get along with each other. I had one that free-ranged on my farm for a year-and-a half. After loosing the other rooster to a raccoon, he's now back with the girls. I'm glad you found a good home for him.