Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mini-Rex Rabbits and Our First Rabbit Show!

Michael, the boys, and I attended a rabbit show across the state on Saturday with our local 4-H Livestock Group. We had so much fun. I bet there were 1000-1500 rabbits there. I've never seen so many different breeds of rabbits in my life. There certainly are some strange ones. That is for sure.

Here are the boys new rabbits. They are both Broken Mini-Rex. The one of the left is Jabba AKA Zombie (on pedigree) and the right is Jango AKA Kendall (on pedigree). The names on the pedigrees were already chosen before we purchased the rabbits. So of course the boys had to rename them with Star Wars names.

Jabba is a Broken Blue Senior Buck and Jango is a Broken Black Junior Buck.
Here we have Bailey showing Jabba during the Open Show...
and this is during the Youth Show
Here he is during lunch play with Jabba while waiting for things to get moving again.
And even though Dalton didn't show Jango that day, he had a blast hanging out with his new best friend while everyone else showed their rabbits.

It was an unbelieveable experience and I can't wait til the next one! Well worth being gone 20 hours on 2 hours of sleep. If you've never been to a rabbit show, look them up, it is definitely fun and an amazing learning experience for adults as well as kids.

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