Sunday, April 1, 2012

Whole Beast Butchery by Ryan Farr

DIY fever + quality meat mania = old-school butchery revival! Artisan cooks who are familiar with their farmers market are now buying small farm raised meat in butcher-sized portions. Dubbed a rock star butcher by the New York Times, San Francisco chef and self-taught meat expert Ryan Farr demystifies the butchery process with 500 step-by-step photographs, master recipes for key cuts, and a primer on tools, techniques, and meat handling. This visual manual is the first to teach by showing exactly what butchers know, whether cooks want to learn how to turn a primal into familiar and special cuts or to simply identify everything in the case at the market. The description was found HERE.

My husband, Michael is a butcher at our local grocery store. I think I have probably  mentioned that before. He borrowed this book, Whole Beast Butchery by Ryan Farr, from a local library a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. He has been cutting meat for over ten years and says this book is spot on. He even learned a few things.  Definitely worth checking out if you have every considered raising your own meat.

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