Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder: Chapter 3 & 4 Lesson Plan Ideas

Chapter 3: The Long Rifle 

Review Questions (My own)
Why did Pa tell the girls never to touch a new bullet? It would burn their fingers.
Did Pa ever make a mistake loading his gun? No.
When Pa was home where was the gun always at? Above the door.
Why did Pa always load the gun as soon as he fired it? He did not want to meet trouble with an empty gun.
How did Pa call the cows? "Sukey!"
What happened to Pa's big-toe nail? It was torn off.
What scared Pa in the woods when he was a little boy? A screech owl.

Vocabulary Words (from Garden of Praise)

Find the definitions and tests, HERE and HERE.

Chapter 4: Christmas

Review Questions (My own)
What did Pa make Ma for Christmas? A shelf.
What did Ma set on the shelf? A china woman.
What did Mary and Laura make candy out of? Molasses and Sugar.
What did they use to harden the candy? Snow.
How did the kids make pictures? Fall off a stump into the snow.
Who slept in the attic floor? Pa and Ma.
What did Prince save Eliza from? A panther.
What did Laura get for Christmas that the others didn't? A doll.
What shape was the pancakes in? A man.

Vocabulary Words (from Garden of Praise)

Find the definitions and tests, HERE and HERE.

Multiple choice and reflection questions for Chapters 3 and 4, HERE.

Make pancakes in the shape of a man for breakfast.
Do and animal study on panthers or owls. Give a few facts about the animal, cut out a photo of the animal, draw a picture of the animal.
Make a paper owl.
Make a rock owl.
Draw an owl.
Color an owl coloring sheet or two.
Talk to a Master Falconer. *We have one local.
Paint a Little House peg doll family. Find pegs, HERE. See and example, HERE.
Look at photos of the Little House in the Big Woods replica.
Make molasses and sugar candy.
Learn how to make molasses.
Or go to a stir-off. *We have one local here in the fall.

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