Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Fruits of Our Labors

Michael and I didn't really plant much in the way of a garden this year. So technically, these aren't really the fruits of our labors. They are the fruits of natures labors.

 We had some tomatoes come up on their own from seeds we had tossed out. I can't wait to have fried green tomatoes. Yum. Last year we planted tomatoes and they didn't do near as well as these have that came up on their own. I am going to attempt to save the seeds and plant several of them next year.
Our watermelons came up on their own as well. We have one that is about as big as a basketball, and a couple that are about the size of a kids football.
Here is an itty bitty one starting to grow. There are tons of these on the vines. I had no idea that watermelon vines took up so much space. Craziness!
Our strawberries came back this year and completely took over my flower beds. Strawberry plants, everywhere. We've had lots of berries this year.
 We did plant a few cabbages. Unfortunately, we didn't have good luck with them. The snails had their way with them.
 Oh, and I couldn't resit sharing a photo of my gorgeous pink tiger lily. Michael planted these for me a few years back on Mother's Day. They are stunning every single year!

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