Monday, July 30, 2012

Chickens: A Little One

My hens had finally been bitten by the broody bug. I noticed that Judy, the one in the front, had started wanting to sit. I put dummy eggs under her and dated the eggs I took out for a few days. When I had eight eggs, I put them back under her and took the dummy eggs out. It was official, we wanted babies. Only hen number two, Lucy, decided she wanted to sit on the eggs too.  This ended in two of the eggs getting crushed. 
Since Judy was on there first, we moved her and the eggs out into our goat travel cage and put chicken wire around the chain-link.
Soon we had a baby. Unfortunately, only one hatched. We haven't named the wee one yet as we aren't sure if he is a she or if he is a he.
Judy has turned into an over protective mother hen. She has tried to attack me numerous times when I try to feed and water them. 
Though, I was only bit once. No pecking for this girl. She bites! She had the side of my hand back in her mouth and wouldn't let go! Wild woman!

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