Monday, July 30, 2012

Homeschool: Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder: Chapter 1 & 2 Lesson Plan Ideas

A few books from the series.

Chapter 1 : Little House in the Big Woods

Review Questions (My own)
What is the name of the book? Little House in the Big Woods.
Who wrote it? Laura Ingalls Wilder.
What did Laura call her Mother and Father? Ma and Pa.
What was Laura's dogs name? Jack.
What was Susan the doll made out of? Corn cob.

Vocabulary Words (from Garden of Praise)
Trundle Bed
Chopping Block
Pot Liqour
Find the definitions and tests, HERE and HERE

*Headcheese pickled with vinegar is called Souse and is often made here in Kentucky.

Chapter 2: Winter Days and Winter Nights

Review Questions (My own)
How did Laura and Mary melt the frost on the glass? Put their mouths close and blew their breath onto it.
What did Ma use to color the butter in the Winter? Carrots.
What pattern was on the butter pats? A strawberry with two leaves.
What kind of dolls did Ma make for them after the work was done? Paper.
What did Pa call Laura? Little half-pint of sweet cider half drunk up.
What song did Pa sing when he played his fiddle? Yankee Doodle.
What was Laura's cats name? Black Susan.

Vocabulary Words (from Garden of Praise)
Jack Frost
Butter Pat
Patty Pan
Trap Lines
Find the definitions and tests, HERE and HERE

Multiple choice and reflection questions Chapters 1 and 2, HERE.

Find North America on world map.
Find our city and state on the map of USA.
Find Wisconsin (Laura's home) on map of USA.
Estimate distance between the two.
Read other facts about Wisconsin in our Fast Facts about the 50 States book from Scholastic.

Other possible activities:
Make butter with instructions from THIS video.
Make a cornhusk doll, corncob doll, rag doll or paper dolls.
Dalton with his cornhusk doll. Fall 2011.
Ragdolls we saw on our field trip to the Museum of Appalachia.
Build a log cabin out of sticks.
Bailey's log cabin. Made during Winter 2012.
Make dried fruit or jerky to have as a snack.
Being made at this very moment. 
Do animal studies on some of the animals mentioned in the chapters. Mink, Muskrat, Wolves, Bears, Panther, Squirrels, Deer, Rabbits. Give a few facts about the animal, cut out a picture, draw a picture.
Make a lapbook.
Listen to music Pa may have played on his fiddle.

See chapter 3 and 4, HERE


Anonymous said...

Thank you these are great ideas. As much as I like the idea of lap books the ones you find are to pre made for my taste. I needed ideas that would get my kids hands involved rather then just work sheets.

~continually transformed~philippians 3:10 amp~ said...

The resources you have provided are amazing! Do you happen to have the remaining chapters of the book detailed out as you do for chapters 1-4?

Alana Jo said...

I'm sorry I don't. I really need to finish it up. I'll try to get on that.