Monday, August 6, 2012

Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder: Chapter 5 & 6 Lesson Plan Ideas

Chapter 5: Sundays

Vocabulary Words (My own)
Catechism:  Doctrinal manuals often in the form of questions followed by answers to be memorized. 
Sabbath: A weekly day of rest or time of worship.
Woodshed: A shed for storing wood for fuel.

Vocabulary Words (from Garden of Praise)
"Tanned their hide" (I believe in the book it said "tanned their jackets")
Nine-Patch Quilt
Find the definitions and tests, HERE and HERE.

Review Questions (My own)
What night did they have their baths? Saturday.
Where did they get the bath water? Melted snow.
Where did they bath? Behind a screen made of a blanket over two chairs.
What kind of quilt was Mary not allowed to work on on Sunday? Nine-patch.
What was Laura's favorite photo in the Bible? Adam naming the animals.
When Grandpa was a boy, when did Sunday begin? Sundown on Saturday night.
Who sat in the front of the sled? James.
What color was the pig? Black.
How many times did Pa spank Laura? Six. One for each year and one to grow on.
What did Mary give Laura for her birthday? A new dress for Charlotte.
What song did Pa play for a special treat? Pop Goes the Weasel.

Chapter 6: Two Big Bears

Vocabulary Words (My own)
Quivered: Tremble or shake with a slight rapid motion.
Calico: Printed cotton fabric.

Vocabulary Words (from Garden of Praise)
Powder and Shot
Find the definitions and tests, HERE and HERE

Review Questions (My own)
What was the lantern sides made out of? Tin with places cut in them.
What is the name of the cow? Sukey.
What did Ma do to get "Sukey" to move away from the gate? Slapped "Sukey's" shoulder.
What did Ma do that she had never done before? Pulled the leather latch-string through its hole in the door.
What color was Mary's calico? Blue.
What color was Laura's calico? Dark Red.
What color was Ma's calico? Brown.
What did Pa hit the "bear" with? A big club.

Multiple choice and reflection questions for Chapters 5 and 6, HERE.

Read in Genesis about Adam naming the animals.
Color a coloring sheet about Adam naming the animals.
Make a nine-patch quilt block out of fabric, scrapbook paper, or even cut-up magazines.
Listen to the a children's version of Pop Goes the Weasel on YouTube.
Draw a pig.
Color a black bear coloring sheet or two.
Make a paper bear.
Make an origami bear.
Draw a bear or two.
Research black bears in your state.

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