Sunday, August 18, 2013

Homeschool Review: Time4Learning Part 2

As I said in my disclosure and PART 1 of this review, our family has been given the opportunity to try out Time4Learning for a month. We started on July 18, and today, our last day of the trial, is August 18. So, I guess I should finish up this review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.
Bailey (7th Grade) working on Language Arts at the kitchen table.
We have used Time4Learning in every room in our house, and thankfully, the kids have never put up a fuss when I asked them to use the curriculum in their daily schooling. They have really enjoyed it.

Here are a few pics of Bailey's lesson. 
When I asked Bailey (7th Grade) what he thought about Time4Learning, he said "It is fun to do. It is better than Head of the Class (though I believe that has now been discontinued), and it is not boring. It is fun to learn without being bored."
When I asked Dalton (3rd Grade) his opinion, he said "I like using it instead of books and pencils because my hand doesn't hurt from writing. Sometimes, it is really fun."

Here are few pics from Dalton's lessons.
One thing I really love about Time4Learning is that you can adjust what grade level the child works on. Dalton is in 3rd grade, but struggles with math. We were easily able to jump back a grade if things were too hard for him on the current level.

I like that the parent is able to print grade reports, attendance, and even customize certificates for each child. It is extremely helpful in tracking the child's progress. If you get confused or have questions, there is also a parents forum.

We all really enjoyed the Language Arts and Math sections of this program. The Science and Social Studies we weren't sold on. We didn't dig as deep into them, but from the few times we glanced though them, they didn't appear to be animated and the amount of reading to be done of the 3rd grade level was a bit excessive for my son. However, I feel that I would use this program at the full price, for just the Math and Language Arts sections alone. It is hard to make those enjoyable and they succeed at that 100%.

Will we continue to use Time4Learning? Probably not. Why? We simply can't afford it. Would we continue to use Time4Learning if it were FREE or significantly reduced in price? Absolutely.

I do not feel that $19.95 a month for the 1st child and $14.95 a month for each additional child in the PreK-8th grade level is excessive. That is certainly a reasonable price and far cheaper than some other programs I have seen. Especially since our kids have thoroughly enjoyed this curriculum. However, the cost just isn't in our budget at the moment.

The kids and I give Time4Learning a thumbs up!

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