Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chickens: Bowling-Pin Shaped Egg?

It started out as any other trip to the coop would. I have a bucket of water and feed in my hands. I proceed to dump a little feed out into the run to distract them while I feed and water them and gather the eggs. Feeding and watering goes as usual. I start pulling eggs out of the nesting box and on the bottom there laid this little odd shaped egg. I was like "WHAT is that?!" I still have no clue. Odd for sure! Anyone know what would cause this?

*Edited to add:

I found this website and it explains the odd shape.
Laying cycles - chickens coming into or out of lay will take a few days before their oviducts start to function properly causing poor quality abnormal shells. This can lead to thin shelled eggs. Furthermore, as the bird goes through her cycle, her oviduct loses its tone leading to oddly shaped eggs.
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