Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cheap Way to Raise Chickens: FREE Roost!

Michael and I decided the chickens needed a roost inside the run, so we used an old broom handle and wired it to the t-posts. It was FREE, works great, and they seem to love it. Every time I look out the back door one or more of them are up on there.
Foghorn just hangin' out on the roost.
Today the gang finally emptied their food bucket. It has been exactly two weeks since we originally filled it up.
The coop is working out great so far. The only issue we have had involved the water bucket, and truly it wasn't the buckets fault. The building is not level, so you had to sit the waterer in the same exact position at all times for it to work correctly. We tried to add a screw in the bottom and hang it from the rafters but the screw must not have been centered, and that didn't work either. Dad found an old waterer he used when he had chickens many years ago and gave it to us to try. It is working, but it too has to sit in that one exact spot. Looks like we are gonna have to level the building up or fix us up one that can hang with it centered properly.
Dad also loaned us a feeder he used for his chicks. We put it in with Crowbar. I think he is doing a little better. Hopefully all his feathers will be back soon.
Gertie and Blackie wanted to know what we were up to.
and what the chicks were up to.
They were just hanging out in a little huddle hiding from her.
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